Teardrop breastpads - horses

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Teardrop breastpads - horses

Teardrop shaped breast pads / nursing pads

These reusable breastpads are perfect reusable and sustainable option for mums who experience those inevitable leaks. These are suitable for day usage. 

They feature an external water resistant layer (PUL), an inner absorbent core of 500gsm bamboo and a soft bamboo velour layer to go against your skin.

The suede cloth acts as a ‘stay dry’ layer and quickly draws moisture away from your skin into the bamboo core, while the PUL stops any milk leaking through to your clothes. 

It is recommended to change your breastpads regularly, especially if they feel wet. Breastpads are Intended to protect your clothes against leakage, but not letdowns. 

- Wash daily
- Machine wash in warm water (up to 60°C) 

- Line drying is preferred, however can be tumble dried on cool or warm
- We recommend placing these pads in a delicates bag so they do not get caught in your washing machine filter
- Do not bleach or use fabric softeners

Please note, while all fabrics have been pre-washed prior to cutting and sewing, some further shrinkage may occur for up to 3 washes.

Handmade in Melbourne by Susan (me!). 



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