AB Hybrid ring sling conversion

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AB Hybrid ring sling conversion
AB Hybrid ring sling conversion
AB Hybrid ring sling conversion
AB Hybrid ring sling conversion

This listing is for a custom ring sling conversion using your own wrap. 


A hybrid shoulder ring slings is a combination of a gathered and pleated. Our unique hybrid conversion has 2 pleats either side of the centre - these take up the bulk of the fabric and provide additional cushioning on your shoulder, whilst allowing sufficient width to remain in the fabric to cup your shoulder comfortably. 


This type of shoulder requires an additional 25cm of wrap length. If you want your final ring sling to measure 2m, please ensure a minimum of 2.25m is available for conversion. 


Please note in the order comments:

- ring colour preference (current options are published here)

- which side of the wrap you would like on the ‘right side’ (what you’ll see on your child’s body when they are being worn), and 

- which shoulder (left or right) you will be wearing the ring sling. This is particularly important if you have a picture wrap - wearing it on the opposite shoulder will result in the picture being upside down

- your email or preferred contact method 


Custom order ring sling turnaround: 1 - 2 weeks from wrap arriving. Please ensure your wrap is freshly washed and in good condition prior to sending it in. 

 We reserve the right to refuse to convert any wrap found to be unsuitable for conversion. 


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