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Cloth wipes - cotton terry towelling (Mickey Mouse)

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Cloth wipes - cotton terry towelling (Mickey Mouse)

Set of 3 reusable cloth wipes

These reusable cloth wipes are made from cotton terry towelling and a woven cotton top.

Handcrafted in Melbourne by Susan (me!).

- dirty hands and faces
- nappy changes
- family cloth
- toilet paper alternative
- cleaning surfaces

- Machine wash in warm water (up to 60°C)
- Line drying is preferred, however can be tumble dried on cool or warm
- We recommend placing these wipes in a delicates bag so they do not get caught in your washing machine filter
- Do not bleach or use fabric softeners

Please note, while all fabrics have been pre-washed prior to cutting and sewing, some further shrinkage may occur for up to 3 washes.

MATERIALS: Cotton (woven), Cotton Terry. 

DISPOSAL: These wipes should last a long time, however when you decide it is time to replace them, simply cut off the stitching and pop them in your compost. If you don’t have a composter, check with your local council to see if they can go in your green bin.


Note: the woven cotton topper is a licensed Disney fabric, however this is not a Disney made (nor endorsed) product. 

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